Creative Thinkers and Writer Block

Fail faster

  • don’t get married to an idea
  • get prototype up and running so that it can fail as soon as possible
  • every project fails eventually, the sooner it happens the more time to fix issues
  •  generate as many ideas as possible

Writers Block

  • look at problems in different ways
  • make thoughts visible
  • Produce
  • make novel combinations
  • Force relationships
  • think metaphorically
  • prepare themselves for chance

Types of writers block

  • Cant come up with an idea
    • just write words (stream of conscientiousness)
    • any writing exercises
  • A lot of ideas, cant commit
    • keep producing
  • Have an outline but are missing one piece
    • take a tangent/detour
  • Inner Critic
    • don’t listen to it until revision stage


Film Sound Design – Ambient Sound, Library Sound and Foley


In this project we went around the school and recorded anything that we thought we could use on my phone, we then went to the computer and got all the sounds into garage band after a few steps. After using all the sounds that we recorded from our walk we plan to then go into the sound room to record any additional foley that we need to complete the sound for the earthquake scene.

Film Before Foley and Sound Effects

Film After Foley and Sound Effects


Foley Process

Our teams foley process was largely based around being creative and walking through different areas of the school looking for any sound that could have any chance of making it into the video to play over the earthquake scene.

Sound Library

  • 1. we have paper on the desk to sound like steam
  • 2. We have pencils clicking to sound like the loose gravel
  • 3.We have me flicking a pepsi can to sound like the popping electrical wires
  • We have ping pong paddles clicking to sound like bags falling
  • we have the plexi glass rumbling to sound like the earth rumbling
  • We have two metal pieces to sound like the car hitches clanking
  • we have me talking to replace the kid’s talking
  • we have finger nails scraping rails to be the tracks and train wheels screeching
  • we have foot steps for when the people leave the train car
  • We have feet moving through the leaves for wind
  • we have clacking books for the tracks clacking/ phone lines falling down

Audio Signal Chain Terms

  • Single system-audio fed directly into camera
  • Double system- separately recording audio, better audio quality
  • Sampling rate-measure in kHz, 11kHz-interenet audio, 44.1-cd, 48-digital video
  • Bit Depth-how many different values each wave can have
  • compressed audio throws away a lot of information
  • 96kHz, 24bit uncompressed
  • Preamp-boost signal of microphone so it can be recorded
  • Line Level
  • want to avoid clipping, 0DBFS is set to clipping point
  • Impedance- a measure of the devices resistance to AC current- Z
  • LowZ less than 600, HighZ is 10,000
  • Sound dissipates so put mic as close as you can to subject
  • Proximity effect- boost in base frequency
  • Boom mic or lav mic

Foley and Sound Effects Terms


What I Learned and Problems I Solved

Sound is half the picture